Privacy Policy

Mezurio is a smartphone app built for iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) devices. It is free to use, and is intended for use only as part of ethically reviewed research studies.

The Mezurio app is used in several different research studies. Mezurio will have been configured in collaboration with the researchers who run each of those studies. The app will therefore collect different types of information from you, depending on which study you have joined.

Studies may collect information about you outside of the Mezurio app. We will provide the researchers who run the study with the data you have collected within the Mezurio app, so that they can analyse it, and pursue the aims of their study. We only collaborate with researchers on studies which have undergone review by a research ethics committee.

To find out more about how the study you have joined will treat the data you are collecting, and on how you can withdraw from that study, please contact your research team. If you have joined the GameChanger study, you can find out more information about it here:

Mezurio has been developed by researchers at the Oxford University Big Data Institute. It complies with UK Data Protection law, including GDPR. Where third party services have been used, they have been selected to ensure these requirements are met.

Data collected within the Mezurio app are encrypted and securely transferred to a special purpose data-centre, designed for computational health research, physically located within the Oxford University Big Data Institute. We will only share these data with other researchers through protocols agreed by the specific research ethics committees involved.